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Introducing Space Kitty's, Next Generation NFTs, Collect them Now

A collection of unique feline characters based upon the ongoing relationship between the artist, Joseph, and Ambassador Marley, the Space Kitty.

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About US

Space Kitty

NFT Collectibles

Hello and welcome to the incredible unfolding story of renowned NFT Artist, Joseph, and his remarkable journey through space and time, as related to him by Ambassador Marley, the Space Kitty.


Space Kitty's are an Inter-galactic, possibly Interdim-ensional, traveling species of technologically advanced felines. How long have they been around is anybody's guess. Their mission; to study, observe and occasionally uplift lower forms of sentient species.

Captured in beautifully stunning collectible NFTs. Each NFT represents a unique moment in time as relayed through the stories of Ambassador Marley and the eyes of the Artist Joseph.



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Frequently Aksed


Looking for frequently asked questions from our investors.

Can you tell what Space Kitty's are and when your NFTs will be available in the future?

Space Kitty's are an Inter-galactic traveling species of technologically advanced felines. New NFTs will be rolled out as soon as previous releases begin to close out.

What types of wallet can i use to buy your NFTs?


How can I get free giveaways and get whitelisted?

Every investor in Space Kitty NFTs will automatically get whitelisted and will be entered into free giveaways when they go live.

How many NFTs can I purchase for each wallet?

A maximum of 20 NFTs per wallet. Ambassador Marley is adamant about equality in opportunity.

How do I buy the NFTs? What benefits can NFT holders get?

Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button under whichever NFT you prefer, which takes you to the Rarible page, then click on the one’s you want and follow the instructions. Benefits of NFT holders include whitelisting, free drawings, possible future merchandise and other goodies as more of Ambassador Marley's Space Kitty stories push us into the future.

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